Striptease: the art of seduction

Striptease: de kunst van het verleidenA good striptease is an art in itself, because it’s all about seduction.
Anyone can take their clothes off on-stage, but there’s so much more to a genuine striptease. If you want to see a good striptease and don’t want to travel far, then you’ve come to the right place at Charlie’s Angels.

And if you’d like more after the striptease, that could be possible.
Speak to the lady in question and discuss your wishes with her.
Just remember – these girls are their own boss.
If things don’t work out you can always ask one of the other ladies.

If a girl is willing to take things further, at Charlie’s Angels you can hire a private room for a fixed length of time. We are not responsible for what happens in these rooms and if you step across the line with these ladies, your private session may be terminated.

Got more questions about this? Simply contact us.